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Updated: Aug 6, 2023

I feel it's necessary to write about this and how it's for your benefit, as well as mine.

First off, why I use a booking form and don't post my phone number.

I do this for several reasons. The first one is to avoid timewasters. In my business, this is an issue that leads to burnout, because timewasters do not care about a companions time, energy or mental health and it's exhausting and pointless to answer someone that can't provide proper information or communicate clearly, other than "Hi" and "give your address" Timewasters do not spend their time filling out a booking form because that would only waste their own time (rarely one slides by though). I avoid these type of people like the plague. In fact, they won't even read this post because reading is their kryptonite.

Second, it makes the booking process more smooth as I get all the information I need to decide if I want to have this person as a client, based on the information provided and if the person has understood what kind of companion I am. This filters out the worst timewasters and undesired clientele so I can focus on what's important - clients that actually book.

With that being said, I take your and my security very serious, it's my number 1 priority. This way you'll know what kind of clients I surround myself with and that I look for quality, not quantity.

I do my best to keep your data secure and that's why all the information you send goes straight to my Protonmail, which is secure and encrypted so no one but me has access to it. But it's only secure from my end so I highly recommend you make a Protonmail email yourself, that way all the information is secure from both ends.

I screen for my security as I have had an unpleasant encounter in the past and I am not about to let that happen twice. Your private life is private, I have no interest in prying in it or use it against you, it's only to ensure that you are who you say you are so I can enjoy my time with you without the fear of what "could happen".

Yeah, I could just drop screening like many do and get more bookings and make more money, but to me, it's simply not worth it. Everyday, there is a sexworker out there that is experiencing violence, rape, robbing or even murder. This is a high risk business, let's not forget this sad fact.

Once screening is complete, I will share my phone number with you and we can talk through WhatsApp, which I also highly recommend you use too, because again, it's secure and encrypted and no one will be able to listen in on our conversations or read our texts.

While these measures are to protect my privacy, they are also there to protect yours. I have been a companion for 10+ years and I have never had any problems and neither has my clients. I want you to feel safe with me and I'm doing what I can to make that happen.

I hope this explained my motives for doing things the way I do and ease any concerns you may have. I pride myself in being professional, reliable and transparent as I want to build a long term client network.

xo Mia


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