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SW orgasm

Updated: Mar 10

I've read some threads on a forum today saying that all escorts fake orgasm and I felt this needs to be shared everywhere.

Wow, just wow.

What a cold and cynical statement. Some may, I can't speak for them but this is simply ignorant to apply on every escort just because sex is her job. I happen to enjoy sex very much as I'm a highly sexual kind of woman, therefore I chose sexwork. I also love the unique connections I make with my dates, it's a win win for all.

With that being said, I don't just magically cum with everyone I meet. If the sexual chemistry & right stimulation is missing, it won't happen and statisticly it's IMPOSSIBLE to happen with EVERYONE I meet.

I am not a difficult woman to please and I don't need long intricate forplay to get an orgasm but some women do. All bodies are different and what may work on one woman, may be pointless on another.

Do you even take time to ask her how she likes to be stimulated? Most never do. I usually ask my date when I plessure them if that works for them as I really want them to get the same pleasure I try to get for myself. Communication is vital, we are not mind readers.

Still, it sometimes happens that even if the sexual chemistry is there, my kitty doesn't respond. In the end, I am not in charge of what works and then I try to focus on my date's plessure instead.

We are not machines, you are talking about real human beings.

Pleasure can be achieved in more ways that one, and if at least they get what they came for, does it matter if I orgasm or not?



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