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The secret to passionate sex

It's very simple, not really a *secret but it sounds more sexy this way, don't you agree? lol.

Many have this twisted way of thinking that you can't have passionate sex with a stranger who pays for sexual services. I beg the differ, if anything it makes it even hotter. How? Because it's a safe service without drama and any strings attached, like a vanilla romance often end up being. there are no broken hearts here and nobody is trying to take you away from someone else.

As long as the right chemistry and engagement is there, it can be quite intense. And wet..did I say wet? ;)

People have one night stands everyday and have the same experience, why is that any different? Because money is involved? That's old way of thinking that belongs in the past. It's 2023 and one would think times had evolved by now, sadly not.

Sex is just sex, it doesn't have to have a deeper meaning or be reserved for "that special one" because from my experience, there are many special ones out there, Sex is not some holy ritual reserved for marriage or relationships. Anyone can and should enjoy it.

I have ALWAYS been a highly sexual type of woman and with each year, my needs get higher and higher. Even as I type this, my pussy is throbbing. We were physically made for sexual pleasure, and not only men. Through time it was believed a woman can't experience orgasms which is just purely ridiculous to think about.

The secret to passionate sex is to stop overthinking (you shouldn't be thinking at all) and just feel..taste..smell..

Sex should be hot, messy, wet, a real workout with a delicious rewarding orgasm (or 5) at the end. That only happens if BOTH are active. When we both work to bring the other person to ecstasy and not only our self, that's when magic happens.

No thinking about names, how we ended up here, why we are doing this, how someone that isn't part of our sex-life might feel offended by this, daily life, etc. Sex is JUST sex, a primal need we all have and it should be embraced, indulged in and given, just as sleep, food and breathing.

Sex between two consenting adults is nothing shameful.

I can't wait until we meet and can share this wonderful experience together!

xo Mia


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