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The Cuddler



"Hi there, I have been Mia's regular cuddle client for a year now, and would like to say a few words about what cuddle buddy service means and why I keep coming back for more. :) For me it started with the pandemic and social isolation, which hit me hard. I really wanted to be close to a woman, but the whole mess had more or less killed my sex drive. Then I found Valentina's ad, googled "cuddle buddy" and loved what I read. Basically, it is what you think it is but also so much more. The focus is on intimacy, so we cuddle and caress, skin against skin. We relax to music if we like to, we talk or stay quiet, it all depends on the mood. There is no pressure at all, it is all very chill - and still very sensual.



My regular sessions with Valentina have turned out to be just the thing I needed to feel more like normal again. It is so good to know that there is someone out there willing to hug and comfort me when the shit hits the fan. And let's be honest, that has happened a lot lately! I'm a pretty hyper guy and need time to relax, so I never book a short session. And if this is where you go "WTF man! You pay more and still no sex?" I totally get you. I've had sex with escorts for years and all I can say is that Valentina is in a class of her own in Norway. Sex is always an option, but you can have a totally different and great experience if that is what you feel like.


Most of the escorts I've met could never do this, they simply don't have the right personality. To do this well you need to be a warm and caring person, it also helps to be smart and funny and a great talker. Valentina is all of this and so much more: Discreet, reliable and of course super sexy. Nothing beats snuggling up to her tits! :) I came for the cuddles and hugs, but stayed for Valentina's wonderful personality. And you do get what you pay for, here as everywhere else in life.


Cuddle client out!"

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