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the Girlfriend experience


The experience I share with my dates differ from person to person as it's very intimate, unique and personal. I'm a delicate woman with a soft touch and GFE is my specialty. I really enjoy these types of dates the most because of the multi level connections (both mental and physical). It involves all the classics (french kissing, cuddling, oral etc)


Classic meaning; no anal, no extras, no kinks and absolutely NO unprotected sex or oral. I am very protective of my own health and my future dates. No man with self-respect or respect for a companion will ask for anything unprotected.

With that being said, I do meet women as well. I have a beautiful strapon with a life-like 6" dildo for those interested.


However, I do not offer oral to women. 


It's very simple. Sometimes we don't feel like talking or cuddling, instead indulge in primal hot aggressive sex and I really enjoy that too. Compared with GFE, a sexdate is more unpersonal as it doesn't really involve getting to know each other on other levels than purely sexual. Please note that I am looking for an active and engaging type of partner, sex is a tango for two!


Note: aggressive is not the same as violent. I do not enjoy spanking, hair pulling, dirty talk or biting of my nipples, they are very sensitive.


What is a cuddle buddy?

Cuddle buddy is a non-sexual service where as the name implies – it's all about the cuddles! It's a powerful therapy for many. Many suffer alone in silence due to lack of something as basic as a warm body-to-body embrace and someone to talk to without judgement. Maybe you recently lost someone close or you are in a marriage that lack intimacy, or maybe you've been single for a while and miss a woman's warm touch. Whatever your reasons may be, I'm here for you.

The power of cuddles are quite underestimated. In fact, there are many health benefits associated with cuddling. 



What if I become aroused?


Becoming aroused is completely natural and may happen, nothing to be ashamed about, just understand that no sexual activity will take place during our cuddle sessions.

Will we cuddle naked?

We will both keep our clothes on during the session. You may bring other clothes/pajama pants that you feel comfortable and relaxed in.

What if I start to cry or I don't feel comfortable?

Sometimes we keep in emotions that are set so deep for so long that they will release at the most unexpected time. That is totally normal and this is a judgement free space for you to do that. If you feel unformfortable, please say so and we will end the session.


I know if feels intimidating to be vunerable in front of someone you don't know and can be sometimes overwhelming, I would never judge you for this.


Do we have to only cuddle?


We can talk about anything you'd like or stay completely quiet. Whatever makes you the most comfortable, as long as everything stays platonic. 


Whether you seek a classic cuddle in bed with a fluffy cover or binge cuddle with good food in front of a tv or a cinema cuddle with a shoulder to lean on while holding hands. You might even fall asleep, and that's OK too.

I hold a safe space where you can just be yourself, without the pressure of expectation of sex. 

You will be able to release any fear or shame you feel the need to hold back from the world around you. Let go and just be you.


Feel free to head over to Testimonial where one of my frequent clients has written about his own experience, thoughts and the reason why he chose this service. He explains better than I ever could.

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