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Currently available in Oslo, Norway.

No same-day appointments, you need to book minimum 24 hours in advance.


France & Germany coming up!

Info will be posted on Travel page and blog.



You don't have to be Superman to impress me: I don't care what color your skin is, how wealthy you are, who you know or where you're from. However, I do value and expect honesty, transparency and manners of a gentleman.

outfit request:  I do not accept requests. I always arrive at an outcall dressed modestly and discrete. You are also welcome to gift me something you know I'd look beautiful in and it would be my pleasure to wear it for you.

Shoe size: EU 39

- Dress size: EU 38 (with stretch)

- Bust: EU band size 85, E-cup 

- Panties: EU M (with stretch)

Safety: If you come to our date intoxicated or on drugs or do drugs while with me, I will leave immediately and you will be blacklisted from making future appointments. I don't do drugs and I don't surround myself with people who do.

Haggling: My rates are not and will never be negotiable. If you can't afford me, you're welcome to save up and then request a booking. Hiring a companion is a luxury.

Hygiene: Anything less than top noch will result in immediate termination of our date. It's not "gay" to wash your asshole, but it's disguisting not to. Please avoid using any strong perfume or aftershave as I have a very sensitive post-covid sence of smell.

Privacy: The moment we meet is the moment we enter an exclusive arrangement. You have your life and I have mine and they shall never cross paths. You can approach me if you see me out in public and we're both alone or a simple smile and nod is ok too.


Payment: Payment is made in the beginning of our date and I should not have to ask for it. if we meet out in public, be sure to place the payment in an envelope inside a small gift bag. Gift is optional! I will then excuse myself to the ladies room to comfirm everything is in order before we continue.

Screening: For my safety and yours, screening is mandatory to ensure that you are who you say you are. Any attempt in trying to negotiate will result in blacklisting. I don't know you and I don't owe you my blind trust. 

Punctuality: I have a 10 minute grace period for delays, after that your appointment will be cancelled. If repeated, you will be required to pay in full for the reserved time and all future appointments in advance. To avoid this, be sure to give me a heads up is you will be late and a notice of minimum 4 hours in advance if you need to re-schedule or cancel.


It's ok to be nervous and things can happen last minute, life happens and a text message or phone call takes literally 30 seconds, there is no excuse. A compensation for lost time is showing a genuine apology, respect for my time and builds trust so that you'll be able to book again at a more convenient time.


No-shows are automatically blacklisted with no chance to make future appointments. 

No Review Policy: I have a no-review policy and by contacting me, you acknowledge and accept these terms.. What happens between us, stays between us and does not have to be shared with the rest of the world. I do however accept private messages that I may post, as long as they don't contain any private details like sexual acts etc. and are kept tasteful. 

Cancellation Policy: I reserve the right to terminate your booking at any time for any reason. Don't give me a reason. I require a notice of any change/cancellation minimum 4 hours before our set date on short booking and 72 hours prior to a several day bookingLast minute cancellation requires 100% payment in full of the reserved time. 

REFUND POLICY: All transactions are final. No refunds.

MEETING WITH: I am available to meet  both men and women, no couples. 

BAREBACK: EVERYTHING happens with a condom. I am dedicated to keeping my dates and myself safe & healthy. If you ask for anything bare, you'll be blacklisted immediatly.

Booking: Same day and last minute appointments are rarely possible, but miracles can happen.

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